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Who am I?

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Clark, alter ego of Suraj Prasad, is a planetary citizen. Born in leap year in Lagos, he grew up in Delhi. An Indian army brat (Parents AMC), he is a pharmacist (NGSM) & a PG in management (IIM Kozhikode). His first education of the mysteries of the universe came via Sagan’s Cosmos, and the world via Orwell’s 1984.
Since then he never looked back discussing about our reality.
So how far does the rabbit hole go?
Follow Clark and see the unseen.

Maya - The Ultimate Illusion

Have you ever stopped in your tracks and looked around you? The question is, have you really looked? Have you really examined the details? Sometimes, you find yourself deeply engrossed in a video game on your Playstation but if you hit the pause button for a second and took a closer look, you’d notice all the pixels that make up the simulated environment that you’re immersed in. A few of us do look, a few of us can see the entire canvas and anyone who has stared deep enough has seen the abyss for the illusion that it is.
The truth awoke me like a fantastic fever dream. Sometimes, when you stop and question your motivations, have you noticed that there are so many dark spaces you can’t put a finger on? It almost appears as if you’re programmed to wake up and walk into your inevitable place in the grand design. I took it upon myself to understand this feeling, this abstract feeling of unknowing…I did get answers. But the answers made me wish I never asked any questions.
The most shocking part, as I came to realize, is that this seemingly intangible truth was in fact very tangible. It was quantifiable by the Cartesian doctrines of science. My first clue came from the field of quantum mechanics, and very specifically what is known as the double slit experiment. You can watch a succinct explanation of the experiment over here.
What struck me were the implications of this experiment. If we subatomic particles are only ‘real’ when we observe them, does that mean that our very existence, our daily life , our trials, our joys are only real when we will them into existence?
I realized that there was more, what if there’s a master designer behind this simulation we call reality? Someone, a programmer of sorts, who has come to this conclusion before we even scratched the surface of the matter and made their own rules….rules that our very existence adheres to. I ask you again, take a look around you, doesn’t it appear as though this is merely a stage production with all of us playing our parts? That everything is maya? An illusion? Come, walk into the darkness with me to reach the light.
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I would like to invite you into my mind. I will be sharing sample chapter/s for Baramulla Bomber. I may also share some of my current writing. Do write to me or connect with me if you have questions. There may be a delay in my reply, as I am fighting off evil space aliens. Your patience is appreciated.
Live long, prosper and rise up always.

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